Peppermint Matcha Green tea powder is a unique blend of two different green tea variations, Kenya whole leaf green & China Sencha with a USA peppermint whole leaf creating a refreshing peppermint matcha that is smooth with an astringent and misty finish from the green tea base. Peppermint Matcha is great for smoothies, shakes, baking and cooking. Matcha has the highest level of health benefits from steeping since one is ingesting the tea leaves.

Perfect for green tea lattes and green tea smoothies. 

Tasting Notes: Tending forest green with hints of yellow

Ingredients: Kenya Green & China Sencha

Antioxidant Level: high    |    Caffeine: low    |    Origin: China, Kenya, USA

Steeping Directions: 1 Perfect Matcha Teaspoon per 8oz / 230ml, Steep for a few minutes, 212°F (100°C) Water Temp.