Mango, pineapple blend with a hint of blackberry, hibiscus and rosehip. Soothing herbal tea with a herbal mango experience! Caffeine Free Rooibos Te. Robust Red Rooibos tea with sweet fruity notes just pleasing the palate. The longer infused the more antioxidants are extracted. The mango chunks are a great treat once steeping is done.


Tasting Notes: Smooth infusion with bergamot oil and a creamy vanilla finish, bright & coppery colour

Ingredients: Red Rooibos, Mango chunks, Pineapple pieces, Blackberry leaves, Calendula petals, Natural flavors

Antioxidant Level: medium       |      Caffeine:  none     |     Origin:  South Africa

Steeping Directions:  1.5 Teaspoon per 8oz / 230ml, Steep for 3-7 minutes, 212°F (100°C) Water Temp. Milk & Sugar recommended.