Frequently Asked Questions

When does this ship out and when does it arrive?

We have a new issue of The Wicked Tea Subscription for every month. We mail out on the first and fifteenth of every month depending on your order date, which in most places in Canada, would arrive that same week!

Which Tea will I receive?

You will receive 4 delicious Tea blends from 4 different regions & types. The loose leaf teas are a surprise so your palate will be taken on a world tea adventure with each issue. For examples of the loose leaf teas that has been featured previously Vanilla Chai, Lemon Green Blueberry, Jack Daniels Bourbon Oolong

How do you choose which teas to put in The Wicked Tea Subscription Pack?

Every month we select different teas, herbs, flowers & dried fruit which are imported from mostly Organic, Ethical & Fair Trade sources. Our team of tea fanatics, first class chefs & foodies from around the globe offer their flavour inspirations that we use to blend our teas.

How much tea do I receive?

You will receive just over five ounces / 150g of four different loose leaf tea blends, to equal a total of over 48 cups of tea!

How large is the package?

The package is 7.5 inches by 5.75 inches by 1 inch a rigid pillow package.

Where do you ship to?

Currently we ship to Canada & USA. The shipping and tax is included, so the price you see is what you get!

How does the Wicked Tea gift subscription work?

Easy. When you purchase our Wicked Tea Box subscription as a gift, they'll receive their loose leaf tea subscription for the duration of your choosing. We'll also send you FREE taster set on the first month, so you're not left out. Ahwww...

Can we order more of a specific flavours from you directly?

Of course!! Not only can you order more tea from us directly, you will get 20% OFF our loose leaf tea, for the life of your subscription. If you are buying as a gift, yourself & that special someone will also get the 20% OFF. Now That's Wicked!!