wicked tea guyI was only a young child with my first memory encounter with herbal tea. I remember my mother would always making up pots of camomile tea with honey, usually for when we got sick or on a cold winter night. It was then that I developed the understanding that the tea experience was something you enjoy and share with those around you.
That same understanding of tea would later became my mantra for life. The earlier moments of my life weren’t always so great. I had faced a few challenges with my health, work, family and friends. These experiences quickly taught me how much I needed the support from the people around me to get me through it all. All this revolved around a cup of tea usually a black chai (one of my fav's).
At night after I put my children to sleep I would pour a cup of tea. It was my time. The moments I gained from drinking tea began to again remind me of the joys found in simple pleasures.

WICKED Tea Company is about you. Its your moment. Enjoy it! With this philosophy I was inspired to create a way to refocus my life and create something that allowed me to share what I enjoyed most. This thought would evolve into the business that became WICKED Tea. It all starts with a classic cup of tea We are committed to bringing you quality, sustainable and organic products from around the world. We work to inspire new and old blends to provide you with unique tea combinations for vitality, health, and relaxation or just to have a cup of tea.
We provide beautiful hand blended loose leaf tea products based on organic teas and herbs. To keep in touch please join our Newsletter, Facebook page or twitter account where we keep you posted on specials, new tea blends, recipes, accessories and much much more. We want you to enjoy your moment. Keep it simple. Drink Tea!

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