What is the best way to start a day? A hot cup of tea to get you started for another day of hard work, perhaps. What if along with that you get a dose of anti-oxidants and other nutrients from tea? Yes, just making a healthy switchover would enable you to boost your metabolism and induce weight loss and also give your skin a healthy glow. We are talking about green tea – the wonder food that is fast becoming a part of our lifestyle.

What makes green tea good for our health?

We know that all plants contain phytochemicals which actually protect us from different diseases. Green tea contains a phytochemical - polyphenol whose scientific name is epigallocatechin-3-gallate. We call it ECGC in short.

It has been found in a study that a cup of brewed green tea contains around 180 mg of ECGC. As you can understand, it is the high concentration of ECGC in green tea that makes it so healthy. The ECGC content in green tea varies due to several factors, like the soil condition, the leaf age and of course, how we brew the tea.

 How to brew your green tea and extract maximum benefit from it?

A lot depends on the tea we choose and how we brew it. It has been found out in another study that the temperature of the water determines the level of ECGC we get from green tea. The hotter the water, the higher is the ECGC content. However, boiling the tea reduces the benefit.

Moreover, the time for which you brew the tea also matters. Tea experts opine that green tea leaves should be brewed for around 4 minutes to extract the maximum amount of polyphenol.

In this regard it should also be mentioned that tea bags contain less amount of ECGC. This is because lower quality of green tea is put in tea bags and the bag itself releases less of anti-oxidants when brewed.

Green tea powders score high in this area. The brewing time also does not matter when you are using powdered tea as the anti-oxidants are released much faster.

Moreover, you should always buy tea from a reputed brand which offers assured quality.

It is better to not add milk to the tea as according to some experts, milk reduces the health benefits of tea.


So, get good quality powdered green tea - Matcha, brew it in hot water for around 3 to 4 minutes and drink your tea and find your way to healthy living. You can have 3-4 cups of green tea in a day knowing you that with each cup you are doing loads of good to your health.

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